I am a Ph. D. student of computer science and engineering at Ewha Womans University and currently a part of Computer Graphics Lab, instructed by Prof. Young J. Kim. I received B.S. in computer science and engineering in 2016 from Ewha Womans University.


Human Robot Interaction,  Haptics,  Virtual Reality,  Robot Motion Planning,
Human Computer Interaction


M.S. and Ph.D. combined in Computer Science and EngineeringMAR 2016 - CURRENT

Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
Advisor: Prof. Young J. Kim.

B.S. in Computer Science and EngineeringMAR 2012 - FEB 2016

Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea


Ewha Womans UniversitySpring 2017, Spring 2016

Teaching Assistant - "Numerical Methods"
Graded all written assignments and responded to the questions of the students.

Ewha Womans UniversityJAN 2016 - DEC 2016

Research Assistance (Prof. Young J. Kim)
Implemented a virtual moon experience system as a part of the virtual space exploration project.
Researched encountered-type haptic rendering using 7-DoF manipulator.

Ewha Womans UniversityFall 2016

Teaching Assistant - "Computer Graphics"
Gave lectures on OpenGL basis.
Graded all programming assignments and responded to the questions of the students.

Computer Graphics Lab, Ewha Womans UniversityMAR 2015 - FEB 2016

Undergraduate Intern
Researched virtual moon experiences with video-based crowd animation.
Implemented motion-based character controller which maps the user motion and pre-computed animation.

Embedded Software Lab, Ewha Womans UniversityDEC 2014 - FEB 2015

Undergraduate Intern
Worked on long-tail watchdog timer for high availability on STM32F4-based real-time embedded system.

SAMSUNG ElectronicsJAN 2014 - AUG 2014

Intern at Visual Display Business
Developed testing application for validating Tizen API on SAMSUNG Smart TV.


International Journal

Yaesol Kim, Siyeon Kim, Uran Oh, and Young J. Kim, Synthesizing the Roughness of Textured Surfaces for an Encountered-type Haptic Display using Spatiotemporal Encoding, IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 2020.

Yaesol Kim, Hyun Jung Kim, Young J. Kim, Encountered-type haptic display for large VR environment using per-plane reachability maps, Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds (CASA 2018 Special Issue), 2018 (cover image).

Domestic Patent

Young J. Kim, Yaesol Kim, 2016, Virtual space experiencing apparatus, Registration No. 1017511760000.

Domestic Conference Paper

Yaesol Kim, Gahye Park, Yun-hyeong Kim, Young J. Kim, Virtual Moon Experiences with Video-based Crowd Animation, HCI Korea, Jan 2016.

Domestic Journal

Hayeon Choi, Jiwan Yun, Seoyeon Park, Yesol Kim, Sangsoo Park, Long-Tail Watchdog Timer for High Availability on STM32F4-Based Real-Time Embedded Systems, Journal of Korea Multimedia Society Vol. 18, No. 6, June 2015, pp. 723-733.


Korea Haptics Community Workshop

Yaesol Kim, Young J. Kim, "Encountered-type Haptic Texture Display using Collaborative Robot", Aug 2019.

Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference (KROC)

Yaesol Kim, Young J. Kim, "Encountered-type Haptic Display for VR Environment using Per-plane Reachability Maps", Jan 2018.

EEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)

Yaesol Kim, Young J. Kim, "Versatile Encountered-type Haptic Display for VR Environment using a 7-DoF Manipulator", Oct 2016.

Korea Software Conference

Jaen Ku, Yaesol Kim, Yoonsun Lim, Sooyeol Yang, "Real-time Compensation Algorithm for Localization Using iBeacon", Oct 2015.

Korea Computer Graphcis Society (KCGS)

Yun-hyeong Kim, Yaesol Kim, Gahye Park, Young J. Kim, "Video-based Crowd Animation on Moon Surface", Jul 2016.


Bronze Prize and Scholarship for Portfolio Contest 2015

Accreditation Board for EngineeringEducation of Korea

Gold Prize for Portfolio Contest 2015

Dep of CSE, Ewha Womans University

Bronze Prize for Capstone Design Contest 2015

Dep of CSE, Ewha Womans University


Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Matlab, LaTeX, R, HTML
Robotic Programming: ROS, OMPL, Gazebo, Rviz, KUKA IIWA
Motion Capture: Kinect v1, Kinect v2, Leap Motion, OpenCV
Virtual Reality: Unity3D, Oculus SDK
Others: Experience with OpenGL, RaspberryPi, Arduino, Android


Deep Learning Tutorials APR 2016

National Association of Cognitive Science Industries, Student
Solve the given problems using deep learning tools such as Caffe, Theano, and TensorFlow.

Arduino TutorialJAN 2016

Rnu Corporation, Student
Complete the curriculum on Arduino & IoT sensing and wireless control.

Seoul Accord Tutor ProgramJUN 2015 - AUG 2015

Ewha Womans University, Tutor
Provided assistance to students on embedded system and experiments.

YDP Education for scientifically gifted studentJUN 2015

Ewha Womans University, Tutor
Gave a lecture on virtual reality and a tutorial class about Unity 3D.

E-COPS Security ClubSEP 2013 - JUN 2015

Ewha Womans University, Member
Gained knowledge about information security and cryptography.